1. Mr Bear's Avatar
    1. The Seido leather case didn't include instructions on whether to carry the Storm face-in or face-out. Make any difference?
    2. If I turn my Storm off, then slip it into my magnetized Seido case, does the case actually turn the phone back on and put it into sleep mode? Any way to carry the phone in the magnetized case and keep it turned off?
    04-20-09 10:07 AM
  2. Morf32's Avatar
    1. It shouldn't matter whether you have the phone face in or face out... it will put the phone into sleep mode either way. (I would put it face in, though... seems the screen would be better protected that way.)

    2. I don't know the answer to this... hopefully someone else will chime in and help you out with that question.
    04-20-09 11:06 AM