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    Hi guys,

    Just thought I should let everybody know about this case, so they do not waste any money on it (probably carried by several other sellers).

    You can see the item on eBay, just go to ebay dot com and enter the following item number in the search field : 140269339785 (I wasn't allowed to post URL's, posted too few posts here to do so).
    I think it looks cute on the phone. It's quite different from the item picture though, something I see several have posted feedback about in the past. Picture might very well be of a totally different item.

    As you see, the case was bought from seller "best0424" on eBay (sure many others offer the exact same one though). Price was low, only $0.99 (since raised to $2.99), with S&H at $9.99 ($5.99 to the US).

    The item description says:
    "Brand new high quality front and back Protect faceplate cover case.
    For installation- No Tool required for installation, Just clip on it.
    Protection: protected against scratch, dirt, grease or accidental drop."

    The short version:
    This item is not even close to being a high quality item, it basically is a piece of garbage and I would steer clear of that case. If you want to know why and read the rest of the story, you can go on to my long version below...

    With a "high quality" item, I guess most of us expect the same. But to be sure I'm clear, I would expect: That the item will do a great job re. it's main purpose which is protecting the phone AND also that it will last a quite long period of time. In this case, I basically expect it to be made from a decent quality plastic and that it is a good fit on the phone. Had I bought a cheap item where quality is not stated, I would expect less. It should still fulfill it's purpose, but I would expect it to be made of lower quality plastic, which might look a bit scruffy after a while etc., but it should still be in one piece and protect the phone.

    Well, let me share with you my first 2 days with my "new" Blackberry and this "high quality case"! I put it on as soon as my BB arrived. Should have waited a bit though, ended out having to take it off again, since I needed access to the SIM Card. I had no problem in removing it very carefully, even if it's a bit tricky since the case is a perfect and tight fit on the phone. I put it back on after set-up etc. was done and it was up and running as it should. That day and the day after, I was at home sick, so the phone sat on a table (lying flat, back down) when I didn't hold it in my hands/use it (carefully). At no time was it out and about, in a pocket, purse, on a car dashboard or anything like that (which a phone normally is subjected to)... Just on a table or in my hands! Not much of a challenge for a phone or case, right?

    Well, maybe it was a challenge anyway? Maybe 100+ grams is a bit too much weight to carry for this "high quality" plastic? You see, a day later, after around 24 hrs. use, i couldn't believe my eyes! On the back of the case, extending at a 45 degree angle downwards from the bottom left side of the belt clip hole (square), was a clearly visible crack, around 1" long. Well, that crack wasn't enough either - the next day, after 48 hrs use, I noticed another crack! This time extending from the upper right corner of the belt clip hole, going all the way up to the cases camera cut-out! So basically, in 48 hrs. of very, very careful use, this case is shot and sure can't protect the phone anymore...

    That is no less than UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! That must be a world record! 48 hrs.... [shaking head] I have never ever come across such low quality plastic before at all! It simply is garbage! Even cheap plastic cups are better than this... I really doubt that plastic of such quality is able to offer any protection at all to a Blackberry. On the contrary! I would strongly recommend against using such a case on your phone and trusting that it will be able to protect the phone even against accidental drops, as the seller claims it will!!

    Also... When I look at the way it has cracked, it really makes me wonder. If the case (and phone) is dropped by accident, maybe it will even crack and shatter into sharp, pointed pieces? If that is the case, maybe this can cause the case to make nasty scratches on the phone housing, LCD lens, Camera lens etc. (just like "protection filters" are well known to have done on expensive photo lenses)??? That would be a horrible situation!!!

    I would be embarrassed even considering selling trash like that, but listing it as high quality??? Wonder what testing lies behind the description of the item... Probably none, but I can't see how it could be possible NOT to get clear evidence of the quality during manufacturing or at least if you are selling it, when unpacking cases of it, having it stored, packed etc. I mean, if you are in dollar stores and such, you always see broken items in bins, on shelves etc., because flimsy low quality items do break when handled. I can't see how that wouldn't happen with these... Of course I don't know for sure, but...

    Anyway... I believe in feedback and people should get a chance, so I immediately sent a polite mail to the seller. The sole purpose was feedback re. the real poor quality of his item (+recommending he at least change his listings). Of course I didn't want another one of the same. I made this clear in my mail as well. Maybe he didn't understand what I wrote in English? Don't know, but instead of a reply to my feedback, I got a very nice and polite mail saying he was so sorry, asking me to return it "in the original condition" (??? have no clue re. what he meant by that!!!) within 7 days (so the slower airmail they use isn't good enough for customers to use, we have to pay for express?) so he could check it etc. to fix the problem. I wrote him back again, being even more clear, but haven't heard back. Now a lot of time has passed, making me feel quite sure that the case is that most likely he just does not want to reply. Maybe he understood well enough the last time too, but acted as if he didn't?

    Would be interesting if somebody else looked at the item and mailed the seller, asking some questions regarding the quality of the item, to see what he/they would answer, then post it here...

    I'll sure follow his listings for a while, to see if they will change the text by removing "high quality"... If they don't, maybe I should contact customer support regarding it, with copies of mails and pictures of the item. I mean, selling garbage is not a problem as long as you don't lie about the quality. But lying in item descriptions on eBay is not OK. Misrepresenting items is not allowed, it is against eBay policy.

    Anyway, don't fall for the tempting pictures, it's not even worth $0.99 (let alone $6.98 or $10.98 with shipping) and it might just end out as an expensive experience if it fails in protecting your phone!

    I got myself a silicone skin instead for now, it was quite reasonable and looks nice too! Price was around the same in total, but this time I got a real nice item that I'm sure would deserve a "high quality" label!

    If I am to go for a hard case again later, I think I'll do my research (reviews and postings here etc), pay a bit more and go for one of the known brands (maybe Cellet's Proguard cases, one of Seidio's alternatives or?)...

    Well, consider yourselves warned!
    10-10-08 11:52 AM