03-30-12 03:23 PM
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  1. matt091189's Avatar
    I too was using my Torch naked and with the holster, until a couple of times I fumbled it and unfortunately the phone lost the battle with the asphalt. After twice chipping the top corner of the phone I decided to invest in the Otterbox Commuter case despite the mixed reviews. I too found the common problem of the screen wobble with the top piece of the case immeditaly upon assembly. However, as one person has said, I spent $40 on the case so I was determined to make it work.

    SOLUTION: Cut the bottom tab of the slider piece totally off (used a simple exacto knife). I know this seems kind of harsh, but hear me out. It took less than 2 min to do this. In order to keep the top piece on, I found some standard double sided tape lying around the house. Simply put a piece of double sided tape on the bottom part of the slider. Doesn't leave any residue if you decide to take it off after a while just do a good cleaning. Leave the phone with the screen facing down for a bit to "set" everything in place.

    Now I have a Torch fully protected by the Otterbox that fits AND is free of any annoying screen wobbles.
    03-25-12 09:11 PM
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    Hmm.....Sounds like the issues w/ the Torch and the OB Commuter case are too common for me to buy one now.

    Thanks everyone for your input.
    Sedio usually makes a good case. While I believe the only available model for a 9850/60 is the surface - there is protection. They are usually very reasonably priced on Amazon.
    03-26-12 07:16 AM
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    03-28-12 01:00 PM
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    I'm on to my 2nd Otterbox. On the first the ring piece split when dropped from 2ft onto carpet. I fixed it with superglue. Then the hook part at the top of the ring for the slider started to peel away. This could not be fixed with glue, so I ordered another case.
    On this second case, the ring had started to crack just by the green call button and eventually split. This is the same place where the first one broke. I will glue it together again sometime soon.
    I actually like the chunky feel that the case gives to the phone.
    03-30-12 03:23 PM
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