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    I bit the bullet and purchased a Seidio Innocase Surface & the Innocase Holster. Listen up people, if you own a Blackberry Torch, BUY SEIDIO. Nothing compares! I have spent more darn money on cases and they either break or just don't work out. This is the real deal. It's an active case so the magnet puts the phone in Holstered Mode and it locks in and come out easily. I like the way they designed the case so the face of the phone goes against your body. Makes it so convenient to reach down and grab the phone and view it without having to spin it around to see it. My wife saw mine and wanted one immediately. I went on an ordered one for her 9810. Don't waste your money on any other case, buy SEIDIO. These are QUALITY. The heavy duty belt clicp on the holster is riveted on instead of glued. Sweet Piece.
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    09-02-11 03:24 AM
  2. JasW's Avatar
    The OEM holster has worked just fine for me when I use a holster. Other times, the OEM leather pocket (in one's pocket) works just fine. And both are only @ $10 on Amazon. The Seidio Innocase is great only if you are the type that feels you have to have both a hard case and a holster at the same time. That's overkill to me, but to each his own.
    09-02-11 06:10 AM