1. aussieCJ's Avatar
    I'm new to Crackberry, but have been a long time lurker and reader.

    I just ordered my Bold 9900 to upgrade from my first ever Blackberry, my 9780.

    There's been a few threads about cases, screen protectors and holsters - but I thought we could make a thread where everyone could post their thoughts.

    I'm in two minds about whether or not I should get a case for my 9900, I'm not a massive fan of the holster (the pocket sleeve thing is ok though) but I think I will go ahead and buy a screen protector.

    What are your thoughts? Do you use a case? A screen protector? A holster? And WHY?

    Are you one of those 'protect my new phone like its a newborn child' or one of the 'it's a *&%$ing phone, I use it and don't mind a few small scratches here and there"?
    08-25-11 09:17 PM
  2. LSglock89's Avatar
    I have a case and a screen protector on my phone. I like to take good care of everything I own, it is a reflection of myself.

    I have the OtterBox Commuter Series case on my phone along with the provided screen protection. It is a great looking case and adds the right amount of bulk to make the phone even more comfortable in your hand.

    Like I said, I like to take the best care I can of my things...whether it be my phone, my dSLR, my Corvette or my little daily driver Cruze.
    08-25-11 09:26 PM