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    Finishing Christmas errands today, and running back to my truck through a very cold wind, the waist of my coat popped my Curve, holster and all, from my hip. I didn't feel it come off until it hit my foot, and I squib kicked it about 10 feet across the asphalt, the holster skidding one direction and the Curve the other. When I picked up the Curve, my worst fears were confirmed - it was scratched, scuffed, and dinged all over. Blah. At least it still worked. I drove home sick to my stomach. But when I got home, I gave the Curve a closer inspection, and it appeared that the skin had suffered most of the damage. I peeled it off and - joy and happiness - my Curve was pristine except for one nick in the upper right hand corner to remind me of my carelessness. Nonetheless, I consider it a Christmas blessing! Tonight, I re-skin my Curve. Hats off, BodyGuardz.
    12-23-07 04:06 PM