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    Just posting a semi-rant/warning about this retailer/seller.

    I ordered a 3.5mm male to 2.5mm female adaptor, from them, on 12/26/07. Two weeks later, after having not recieved any email about it being out of stock and not recieving my order, I emailed them. They never replied, at all. Two days later, yesterday, I recieve an email that the item has been shipped...16 days later. I paid extra for shipping, and they didn't bother to ship it until 16 days later. Yes, I ordered during the holidays...However, there were regular work days in there somewhere and they never even emailed to say 'hey, it's not in stock' or even replied to my query.

    Stay away, from this one, folks.

    On a side-note, I ordered a similar item from pdaparts.com (wrong orientation, wasn't thinking the obvious when I ordered it) without paying for shipping and it was at my door 4 business days later. It's a shame that they didn't have the 3.5 male to 2.5 female. Live and learn.
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    01-12-08 06:18 AM
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    Next time try ebay. That is what I did.
    01-12-08 09:09 AM
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    I'm sure they also have an e-bay shop. Just wanting to give a heads up to anyone thinking of ordering from these individuals.

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    01-13-08 03:27 AM
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    Try an auction...you always get stuff cheaper than retail prices, because you set the price.
    01-15-08 03:33 PM