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    Heh.. this will get me 10 posts so I'll be able to actually link back to threads I reference...

    BUT, I do have a real question. I've been reading reviews and I've been looking at cases here and there, but haven't found "exactly" what I'm looking for yet.

    I want to get a sturdy, protective case for the storm that doesn't make it feel like it's a brick... I recently used the Body Glove Storm case, and I liked it a lot, BUT it wasn't built very well, IMO, and the tolerances were TOO tight, even for a Storm without Phantom Skins on it...

    So, here is what I would ULTIMATELY like to get:

    A protective, sturdy case for the Storm, that fits WITH Phantom Skins installed, and has the little detachable belt clip like the Body Glove case has. I've used clips like that on many different devices and they work really well for me. Also, it has to accomodate a phone that has protective skins on it as well.

    I've looked at the Otter Box Defender and Commuter cases, and the Innocase360, and a few others, and none of them are "exactly" what I'm looking for, but in the end I may end up with one of them anyway... as everyone seems to eschew removable belt clips for some reason...

    A built in screen protector would be nice, provided that it doesn't interfere with using the touch screen, but it's also not necessarily a requirement as I do have Phantom Skins on the phone, and have a couple other stick on protectors as well that are just taking up shelf space

    So any suggestions OTHER than the Seidio case or the Otter Box cases that may fit the bill?
    09-17-09 01:54 PM