1. humphrind's Avatar
    I know I'm posting a really dumb topic, but this ***** wasted $5 and maybe slightly less stupid people can heed my warning.

    I bought the IVT BluSoleil bluetooth adapter for my PC for <$5 (including S&H) and I think I overpayed.

    Seems that after I installed the drivers from the included disc, Vista still needs to reinstall them, and fails, and I'm having a ton of problems linking my BB to my PC.

    I'm still messing with this program. Maybe my idiocracy is more due to setting this up than buying it. But however it plays out. If you aren't a certified Vista/Bluetooth programer, do your self a favor and invest, don't just buy.
    05-03-09 12:21 AM
  2. jamestbrewer's Avatar
    Not all Bluetooth adapters are created equal. It all depends on the drivers and compatibility with the OS. Vista has its own Bluetooth stack, so if the adapter doesn't play well with Vista or drivers don't then you are going to have problems. One big problem is that windows wants to use its Bluetooth stack and if you install the BlueSoleil stack, it will want to be the one running.

    Confused yet?

    What you need is a USB Bluetooth adapter that works with the Vista Bluetooth stack and supports the Bluetooth profiles which you want to use. This can be tricky because often times with USB Bluetooth adapters installing the drivers will also install the 3rd party stack at the same time and this is what causes problems.

    I don't know of any 2.0 or 2.1 adapters that play nice. I have a Linksys 1.1 and a Kensington 1.2 adapter that work amazingly with XP and supported most profiles. Then I bought a cheap 2.0 adapter using a WIDCOMM stack and everything went to h*ll quick.

    This isn't a stupid thread, it gets frustrating quick. Bluetooth should be Bluetooth, period.

    PS, that Linksys adapter... Best. One. Ever. Solder in a high gain WiFi antenna and you'll get WiFi like range. Used to connect my SE t637 from almost 200 ft away.
    05-08-09 03:52 AM