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    The worst aspect of having a Black berry is using the small keyboard when you have big, awkward thumbs. Anycom's Universal stowaway keyboard solves that problem for all but the smallest fingers.
    I'm a Blackberry user and when I travel I'd like to able to leave my laptop at home and just rely on my Blackberry for staying connected. Until I found the Stowaway, however, that wasn't an option. Writing a lot the Blackberry becomes a major pain, not to mention the misspellings my clumsy thumbs produce. The Stowaway keyboard really increased the functionality of my Blackberry, allowing me to write long e-mails as if I was at my computer. It works with any device that supports Bluetooth and is full size with 18mm spacing, making it comfortable and familiar. When I'm finished writing, it folds up into a small carrying case very nicely.
    I really see this working well for any Smartphone or PDA, as it lets those devices really live up to their potential as tiny computers. From now on, when you see me in the airport typing on the Stowaway, do me a favor and don't bother me. I'm busy typing! Ken Sander
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    06-10-07 12:51 AM