1. Gav508's Avatar
    Can someone with the Storm2 check and see if it will fit in tbe Otterbox Defender series case for the original Storm. I was goong to go to a Verizon store tonight to check, but I thought maybe someone here has already tried. Thanks.

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    10-28-09 01:12 PM
  2. alabama1980's Avatar
    It doesn't. Just got my S2. They changed it just enough so it doesn't work....now we wait patiently. The Otterbox was THE best case I have used for any phone to date. My work is VERY dusty and when I took my S1 out to return it, it looked like it just came out of the box!
    10-28-09 08:33 PM
  3. adambigge's Avatar
    I contacted OtterBox about that. Here is what I got back....

    "We do not have any information on if we will be making a case for the Storm 2 at this time. Please keep an eye on our website, as it will have the most up to date information on our products and new cases.

    Thank you,
    Natasha Meggenberg"
    Honestly, I fully expect them to have something inside of a month. There was a problem like this when the 8330 first came out. Case didn't quite fit. Took them a little while to fix it.
    10-28-09 08:36 PM