1. dmlegare's Avatar
    Good evening-

    Purchased my Storm2 yesterday..Should be here tomorrow afternoon. Did it online so I didn't have to worry about the rebate stuff.
    Currently have a Business Sprint - Curve and my personal VZW Palm Treo.. Whats the best way of getting a unique list of Contacts from both phones... ?!?!

    I can have VZ transfer the Palm contacts (I dont have the USB cable..only a wall plug)...What a mess by using both phones!!!

    Also.. Im not soo gentle with phones.. Been searching around..What is the best case/screen protector for the Storm2?
    10-29-09 09:09 PM
  2. nuchdog's Avatar
    not sure about cases for the 9550 yet, but the otterbox defender series seems to get a lot of good feedback.

    For contacts, are you trying to get the contacts from both phones (curve and treo) onto the new storm2?

    The curve should be easy to pull your contacts off of. Either using the desktop manager, or a wireless sync.

    Not sure about the treo. You would have to do it over the air if you don't have a cable.

    One thought would be to use the google sync app and sync your two current phones to two different gmail accounts. then you could download, print, or do whatever with the contact lists seperately.
    10-29-09 10:13 PM