1. prodig33's Avatar
    Watching kevin's video with the Storm/Bold/Iphone comparison. Bold and Storm seem to have similar dimensions? Anyone with a Bold and Storm can they confirm that the Storm will work with the Bold's cradle? Thinking about another cradle because I have a hard case protector on my Storm and I don't want to always take it off every time I set it on the Storm cradle.

    Here's two dual charge cradles I'm looking at on ebay, it's pretty cool because I can charge a extra battery as well.

    USB Sync+Charge Battery Dock Cradle for Blackberry BOLD - eBay (item 350131846900 end time Nov-27-08 13:59:35 PST)

    DOCK CRADLE+BATTERY CHARGE SLOT FR BLACKBERRY BOLD 9000 - eBay (item 220314155264 end time Dec-17-08 13:49:56 PST)
    11-27-08 02:37 PM
  2. buxleyp's Avatar
    Nope, Bold charges from bottom, while Storm charges from side.

    Edit: and diff ports (mini vs micro) and diff batteries. Won't work.
    11-27-08 02:54 PM
  3. LuckyLuke's Avatar
    The company that make that cradle that you are looking at, also make one for the storm. I have ordered one, and there is a thread about these too.

    They were selling on eBay UK, but the auction has ended, but worth an email to see if he has any left ??!!

    NEW BLACKBERRY STORM USB DOCKING SYNC CRADLE *UK SELLER on eBay, also, Other Mobile Phone Data Cables, Mobile Phone Data Cables, Mobile Home Phones (end time 27-Nov-08 10:03:20 GMT)
    11-27-08 03:08 PM
  4. prodig33's Avatar
    Yeap, I'm gonna email him, thanks guys for the info.
    11-27-08 03:19 PM