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    I'm not even sure how to explain this. But my Storm has always had a very loose screen - so loose, that Telus agreed and I'm waiting for a replacement - it types very well but it moves around way too much.

    I have an OEM Blackberry cradle for it and its always fit fairly tight, and required what I felt was too much pressure to insert and remove.

    Last night, it made a pretty loud snap noise when I plugged it in. I thought I broke the charge pin but couldn't see any damage. But right away I noticed the phone would go in and out of the cradle without much effort.

    This morning, the phone has no screen wiggle at all. The silver chrome bezel used to bow out from the screen (to the left and right looking in portrait mode) and they now are straight with almost no gap. The screen clicks perfectly and doesn't move sideways or up/down at all.

    I'm almost afraid to exchange it when the replacement comes - but the battery sits loose and will reboot constantly unless I put a piece of folded paper on the side of the battery because it moves around too much. This problem still exists and I don't like that I have to have paper there (its NOT under or on top of the battery, its on the sides to stop the battery from sliding away from the contacts)
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    04-23-09 11:08 AM
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    Nice that the wiggle was fixed, but I dont believe in having to put paper in the device ANYWHERE......I would take the exchange.
    04-23-09 11:45 AM
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    Still & all, replacement seems best.
    04-23-09 09:23 PM