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    Has anyone else had this happen? I've had my Storm since 19th November (UK) and since day 1 have used the official charging cradle which I paid extra for at the time of purchase - I liked the alarm clock feature. Since then the charger lead has been plugged into the back of the cradle and never been removed.

    Last week, it started going a bit funny, with the clock and homescreen alternating - finally ending on Thursday with the whole lot going mental and doing weird things to the phone (official .78 OS by the way) like turning off the radio. I thought the cradle was faulty, the white light on top went crazy flashing with even a footstep on the floor! Well, Thursday night I connected the charging cable directly to the phone, and had the same issue. Fortunately, mine is one of those Storms that live 3-4 days between charges with moderate use, so I waited until today.

    Took my phone and charger into the Vodafone store in Shrewsbury where I bought it, very helpful lady checked it out on the shop's demo Storm (Yes, it went mad too!, hope it wasn't wrecked too badly folks ) and replaced it under warranty on the spot. So far, the new one is fine. Has anyone else had the MicroUSB connector on their charger spontaneously fail like this?

    Off-Topic, while I was there I compared their demo unit to mine WRT the click screen. I *thought* mine was good, but the difference was like night and day, the lady tried mine and said it needs a repair so next week, off it shall jolly well go! No, I don't want a new one - mine is great apart from the click, if they can fix that to the standard of the demo unit I'll be a very happy bunny!!!

    01-24-09 04:53 PM