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    I have seen a lot of various recomendations. Has anyone used the hard cover from verizon for the Storm? The girl in the store said if I drop it, it will break so I got the silcone one for $10 to hold me over. Its a pretty purple but it collects dust like you wouldn't believe lol

    I would like to get the iskin purple vibe but $30 is a bit steep this month (be great christmas gift idea) and I can get the pink hard cover from verizon for $15 with my discount.

    Anyone know anything about this one?

    Also, I know the storm came with its own screen protector on it-should I buy other ones and use instead? Do I need to pull off the original first or are they applied over top? Sorry if these are silly questions I am new to all this for the BB.
    09-02-09 01:28 PM