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    Hey I'm looking for a case for the storm, I want it to provide some protection (sand/dust, bumps, potential small drops) as My phones can experience some harsh conditions sometimes, although I'm pretty delicate with my storm. I read the review for the Seido Innocase and it sounds like the case for me, but how much protection does it actually provide from shock vs. a more rubber like case? I don't want something that adds a bunch of bulk to it as I keep my phone in my pocket mostly, although a hoster would be nice. I like the built in screen protector on the innocase, expecially since it covers the buttons and closes the gap somewhat around the edge of the screen.

    I also like the looks of the otterbox for its protection, but I have a feeling it is just to bulky for me to live with.

    So what do you guys recommend for somewhat improved protection, with a solid feel, and minimal bulk? Thanks!
    07-08-09 11:36 PM
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    07-08-09 11:46 PM