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    Alright I have had a storm since feb. (1st one no issues.) since I got the storm I have had a BSE on it. I just bought an otterbox for my storm while I am in Afghanistan. When I put the otterbox on the phone, the part that protects the screen sticks to the BSE and creates a terrible seal like one of those idiots driving down the road with the bubbled up tint job that they tried to do themselves with the 10 dollar tint from walmart. My question is if I take the BSE off will I get a better seal? And I don't want to always have the otterbox on since its huge so is there a screen protector I can either reapply over and over or one that won't make the weird gross seal?

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    07-21-09 12:26 AM
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    Ok I would most likely go online and get one of the invisible shield screen protectors. I have seen a lot of very good reviews. Oh and how is the weather there in Afghanistan? lol. Been to Qalat(Kalat), Zabul Province lately? The prt is nice from what I hear now, although when I was there it was a few feces covered buildings. lol. Enjoy.
    07-21-09 12:55 AM
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    Yeah, the weather is fantastic, as long as you love the 120 degree days!

    The invisishield is the same material as the BSE so it would have the same effect I believe. Or maybe you're saying to get rid of the one on the otterbox.

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    07-21-09 01:19 AM