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    Hey Everybody,

    I'm new to Blackberries, but new storm seems very good phone for my business activities and should be capable of replacing my stylus managed WinMo smartphone.

    What is my main concern:

    I do tend to spend few hours a day speaking on the phone while sitting in a car. Basicaly - Putting phone in car mount and using BT. However, I would like to know, how Sure Press will look on car mount? As I read, you do need to put in some pressure, to be able to click, when on WinMo, you just have to lightly touch it. Will it be a slight problem, to manipulate phone while on car mount or those ar iPhone fan issues, with having to press hard.

    P.s. I do live in a far far away land, where our Vodafone partner isn't bringing in any touchscreen Blackberries, so I can't just try it out myself. Do plan to ebay it or order from US.

    P.s.s I do see, that there is a Bold listed as my phone in profile - that's not true

    Best Regards,
    11-03-09 01:29 AM