01-15-10 08:05 AM
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  1. vanni's Avatar
    how about a bodyguardz for blackberry bold?can you get these?how much?
    04-14-09 05:47 AM
  2. vanni's Avatar
    any luck?
    04-17-09 09:05 AM
  3. n30nz's Avatar
    any luck?
    i can't get the bodyguards.
    I only got the privacy protective screen.
    if you are interested please PM me.. thanks ...
    04-18-09 02:27 AM
  4. richmondsim's Avatar
    Hello everyone, I am currently using a black casing for my 8900 curve. It feels like a rubberised plastic. It fits well. I will take some pictures of it and post it up here so you guys can have a look at it. I will be bringing in more the next time round because I have sold quite a lot already. Will check on my stock balance but I am sure i only have very few pieces left. Available in Black, Blue and Red. Available for Bold too, but currently I am out of stock for the Bold.
    Last edited by richmondsim; 04-18-09 at 03:07 AM. Reason: left out some information
    04-18-09 02:28 AM
  5. richmondsim's Avatar
    Updates: Please visit www(dot)theshopinside.blogspot(dot)com to view the cases!
    04-18-09 08:30 AM
  6. vanni's Avatar
    will you be able to get the ff from cnn.cn?

    04-23-09 08:52 PM
  7. ViViAnn's Avatar
    Hi I looking for an extra battery for the Blackberry Storm... Can someone help me out with this?
    05-12-09 10:50 PM
  8. rommelh23's Avatar
    This is my wishlist (from Seido Online):

    -Innocase Surface Black for BB Storm 9500
    -Ultimate Screen Guard for BB Storm

    Let me know if you can get this....thx
    05-13-09 06:17 PM
  9. polee2008's Avatar
    Where can I get batteries for the blackberry storm? Is there a store in Singapore that has supplies? It's just shocking that RIM in Singapore does not have a physical store selling blackberry supplies. I hope to stand corrected on this.
    05-20-09 10:14 AM
  10. squish101's Avatar
    still taking in seidio orders. go check out seidioonline.com and pm me with your orders. domo arigato.
    05-20-09 08:44 PM
  11. squish101's Avatar
    Hi I looking for an extra battery for the Blackberry Storm... Can someone help me out with this?
    is this ok? seidioonline.com
    05-20-09 08:46 PM
  12. steventay's Avatar
    i planning to get bb bold.. so will need what accessories?
    05-21-09 10:21 PM
  13. squish101's Avatar
    bold bezels. pm me for pricing, pics etc. thanks.

    05-24-09 09:18 PM
  14. squish101's Avatar
    thanks for ur interest.
    05-28-09 09:40 AM
  15. scasi's Avatar
    Any body heard about Obbi Good Label Handmade leather case?
    06-15-09 09:18 PM
  16. DS79's Avatar
    looking forward to get 3500mah seidio extended batt :P

    anyone getting it too ?
    07-06-09 06:10 PM
  17. n30nz's Avatar
    hie guys i have battery door with dry carbon finishing in hand (in Singapore)

    1x bb bold
    2x bb onyx

    asking price $40 each. deal around city area.
    interested could PM me. thanks

    bb onyx

    bb bold
    01-15-10 08:05 AM
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