1. littleinkblots's Avatar
    im getting ready to start a new job in a couple of weeks and i wont be able to carry my purse around with me, and i wont have anywhere to put it.

    i didnt know if there was a case for my 8330 curve that held cards also? i havent really had that much luck looking it up on the internet. it doesnt really matter to me if it is verticle or horizontal either.

    didnt know if anyone has one or knows where to get them?

    thanks in advance
    08-23-09 10:19 PM
  2. ed29550's Avatar
    Have you checked the shopcrackberry or ebay websites? I remember seeing one somewhere on the web.
    Do a quick google Try buy dot com or fortte.com
    08-23-09 10:34 PM
  3. scasi's Avatar
    If you can wait, I can make one for you at a reasonable price.......
    08-26-09 10:01 PM
  4. monkeee2002's Avatar
    something like this?
    08-31-09 02:20 AM