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    have all my sounds (phone, email, SMS and MMS) set to ring while in holster. Except the phone does not ring when in the holster. I upgraded to .148 last night and have reset (battery pull) twice since then and still no ring while in holster.

    Thanks in advance

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    06-29-09 11:47 PM
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    No one is having this same issue.

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    06-30-09 07:02 PM
  3. TaZ52083's Avatar
    Not with me try reloading os again it might help if not contact your carrier.
    06-30-09 08:02 PM
  4. domestic violence's Avatar
    check your profiles.

    make sure its not set to 'custom'
    06-30-09 09:49 PM
  5. dparks69's Avatar
    i have been having this issue as well. its sporadic though. sometimes i get sound, sometimes i dont. ive wiped and reloaded and that still doesnt fix it. it also seems to mostly be the text message tone, although i will say that since ive started using a tone i downloaded and have on the sd card that it hasnt happened as much so you may want to try that.
    06-30-09 09:51 PM
  6. glp320's Avatar
    I had this problem with Pocket Day installed.
    06-30-09 11:20 PM