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    Edit: A Couple of people have mentioned that the Commuter Case is easier to use than the Defender.

    Experience has taught me that any case with a raised bevel near a keypad or a touch screen is a major mistake. Not being able to access the keypad at 180 degrees or more eliminates any chance of typing fast and accurate. Having to stop an on screen swipe without being able to run your finger off the edge of the phone will greatly hinder your ability to move about and scroll. If you look at the Blackberry hard case for the 9810 you will notice it is not raised above the bezel like most of the off brand units are, there is a reason for that. Having the case above the bezel rendered the keypad on my 9000 useless, and also prevented Karen from being able to use her 9810 properly. If you look at the OEM cases Blackberry sells for the phones you will notice they never incorporate that design malfunction in their cases.

    Just something you guys may wanna consider before setting fire to your money. I am fairly sure most of you who don't consider this and get a case like the Defender will just end up in the market for another case.

    I am in no way trying to drag down anyone who owns a case like that but just putting it out there since it seems a lot of us will be getting new phones in the near future.

    Otterbox Disabler

    Blackberry Hard Shell

    Blackberry Soft Shell

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    I have the commuter and the raised bevel hasn't really bothered me yet typing or scrolling. People prefer it because it doesn't the leave the screen as exposed if they'd like to lay the phone face down or in the case of dropping it. The hardshell and soft-shell looks great but the screen and keyboard is exposed to falls.
    10-24-11 02:29 PM
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    I think he's talking about the Defender not the commuter. The commuter is basically perfect.
    10-24-11 02:34 PM
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    The Defender might have those issues for some, but it's not fair to lump that case or your particular experience into "...any case with a raised bevel near a keypad or a touch screen is a major mistake." I also have the Commuter, and have not been bothered by the very slightly raised beveled edge. The inner edge of the case covers the outer part of the screen bezel, but does not interfere with using the touchscreen. I have the Active case from Seidio too, and it fits the same way.

    I like the added screen protection afforded by having the screen not quite at the same level as the case edge, and Seidio's Active holster lets me carry my 9930 in either the Otterbox Commuter or Seidio's Active case.
    10-24-11 02:39 PM
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    So your saying with the Commuter the beveled edges on either side of the keypad don't get in the way? Just wondering.

    Also, the bevel on the Defender is even more pronounced?

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    10-24-11 05:52 PM
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    Nah, i have no issues with the edges of the commuter and the 9930.
    10-24-11 05:53 PM