1. mrskittens's Avatar
    It may sound redundant but, I want a soft bag or pouch to fit my Torch with 1mm hard case.

    I love my Seidio Innocase Surface for protection because even though it's slim if I drop my Torch it will probably survive (the Surface is a great product with a nice feel, an easy to clean camera hole, etc.)

    But I also want a soft Golla (or similar) pouch/bag to keep it all in when I'm not using it. I really like the idea of looping it onto my purse, or being scratch-protected in my purse (I haven't had luck with screen protectors) or, I confess, just having a cute bag of its own (and maybe other goodies) because it's the coolest little thing ever and it deserves it!

    I'm concerned that if Torch with case just fits in the pouch it will be too hard to slide it out in time when it rings, or inconvenient in general because it's too tight.

    Are Golla (or similar) pouches only practical for naked Torches or does a 1mm hard case still fit easily? I don't have a pouch to try here before ordering, but hopefully someone has experience with this? (Would one for another model be roomier?)

    Thanks so much to anyone who can help!
    10-10-11 02:24 AM
  2. mrskittens's Avatar
    I hope it's okay to bump this up, given there's an accessory sale today.

    P.S. My best wishes to those having trouble today (or earlier). I know your frustration.
    10-12-11 05:15 PM