1. BlackBerry Fiend's Avatar
    I spent [literally] 20-30mins trying to remove the snap-on case on my phone.
    It makes the phone look cute [i got the sticker design underneath] but it was a pain when I had to remove the battery. Thank CB for QuickPull. It's also annoying when typing because the top part comes a little too close to the screen so I kept bouncing my fingers on it. UGH
    04-09-09 01:57 PM
  2. jamierosskennedy's Avatar
    Can you post a picture of your case?
    04-09-09 03:14 PM
  3. acidsamuraix's Avatar
    i have the clear snap-on case from the verizon store. I keep it mostly because i've gotten used to the bulk and it keeps the main parts from getting scratched...BUT, don't be fooled. It does nothing at all for drops.

    I dropped it about 2-3 ft (my waistline) onto a carpeted floor, and the snap-on case burst open, the back of the phone flew off, and the battery came out. It was a very minor fall. No damage at all, but still disconcerting that suck a small fall caused every removable piece to fall off even with the snap case on it.
    04-09-09 04:10 PM