10-06-09 03:58 PM
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    There might be something going on with the phone itself then. Even though I feel it is a software issue, Verizon does acknowledge the existence of this problem, and has already offered to replace the phone if their solution didn't fix it. I see that you're with Sprint...I'd call them up and get advice from one of their techs. There might just be enough of a difference between the Sprint and Verizon phones that's preventing the fix from working. Could be wrong though.
    Yea you might be right. As soon as I get a chance (and spare (a lot of it) time), I going to give Sprint a call and "try" to get BB support and see if they can help. I've been playing/changing things when ever I got a chance and still
    only get just vibrate. I also notice today that when my BB is in the holster
    and I have a reminder from my calendar, it just vibrates only also.
    Even though I have it set to ring and vibrate.
    I seen that Sprint has a maintenance release coming out on 10/13 (http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=331016),
    with a few fixes, but nothing is said about this problem but
    maybe it will fix these problem also.
    10-06-09 03:58 PM
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