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    I used to have one of these car cradles for a Razr and it worked great. The website shows these for the 9550 with an external antenna output. Is there a external antenna output on the 9550 that I have missed?

    01-25-10 02:17 PM
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    01-25-10 03:47 PM
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    I used the antenna wizard on the same site. It came up with this antenna. O don't know where it hooks up. but it is for the Storm 2

    01-26-10 07:41 AM
  4. bizzob223's Avatar
    I personally have this for my storm 2 and i love it. I have the one with the antenna adapter and I use the Wilson 301102 glass mount antenna. What a difference in the low signal area. It says it boosts the signal 10-14 Db. And on the meter on the phone I consistantly see 100 DB in the bad areas near my house.

    So far a great investment

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    01-26-10 08:43 AM
  5. bizzob223's Avatar
    By the way, the external antenna plugs into the smooth talker not directly into the phone itself. So you only get the external antenna benefit while in the cradle and using a wired headset or bluetooth.

    01-26-10 08:45 AM