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    I have been looking for info about Incipio Feather, Case Mate Barely There, Epik and Seidio Innocase but does anyone have words about Smartphone Experts Click Case you can even purchase from Shopcrackberry. Does it have a rubber-like back? I purchased Feather Midnight Blue. I like the case but I am not quite happy with the color. Especially when it comes to Feather or Barely There, I wonder if people might make a decision based on colors rather than "style" or "camera hole"? I cannot set my heart in any colors those two companies offer. Then I found this red Click Case by Smartphone Experts. Looks pretty similar to Feather and Barely There and red looks "red" to me (which I like - no purple, not orange, not pink!). I am not concerned too much about the top and bottom protection since I put Bodyguardz for those areas in addition to screen. Thanks for your help.
    09-17-09 04:08 PM