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    This kickstarter project has a really cool controller that is designed to be used with emulator games. Should work nicely with the playbook

    Smart Controllers by Evolution Controllers — Kickstarter

    We have designed an innovative product to bridge the gap between the classic game controller and the current touch-screen devices. It's an Open Source, Bluetooth, portable game controller for Smartphones and Tablets. You can now play all your favorite emulators using a real controller. Our controller is open source so you can upload your own code to modify the characteristics of the controller. This is all done on the Arduino platform that millions around the world are already familiar with. -

    The project only has a few days left to reach it's funding goal and it has a long way to go, so if your into games and it looks like something you'd be interested in it could use your support.

    Smart Controllers by Evolution Controllers — Kickstarter
    04-13-12 04:25 PM