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    Hey guys.

    I have a storm anc since I am in school all day and it is in my pocket with possible money or pens/pencils it needs protection, all around yet needs to not be bulging out of my pocket.

    I currently have the case in the photo attached which is the leather slip case that comes with the current Curve 8330 (my dads phone).

    I am looking for a low cost slip that will FULLY fit the storm, and if possible has the proper magnet thing to turn it off, as the one in the current one does not turn off the storm. Also it cant have a belt clip unless it is removable.

    Also. Will the magnet in the Curve case harm my storm?
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    02-22-09 05:47 PM
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    Thanks but thats a bit higher than I was looking for the price to be.
    02-22-09 05:49 PM