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    I have no idea if this will be useless to all but I found it useful to myself after I did it, and if you have a Sena case you love you might want to try this. Simple and effective.

    I ordered the SENA Ultra Slim Case (Search for a discount code in Google I got 20% off, think it was 'retail me not' which also got me 50% off my invisible shields it has tonnes of great discount codes) after reading about it in the forums here and everyone seemed to love it that had it. I called to ask about the sleep function and the misinformed Customer servant said it had it. After getting my case and draining my battery/calling random people I learned this is obviously not the case (get it case:-).....Anyways.....This case is great. At first I was worried because it was so snug but after a day it totally formed to the storm and it slides in and out great and fits just snug enough. The Velvet lining makes sure that you have no worries when it comes to scratches and it fits right to the top of the phone, unlike the case the storm comes with that make it feel like you have a brick in your pants (insert dirty joke here) and it can still scratch the top and gets lint in the speaker. Case in point I love my SENA case for its fit and because it is so slim. (also SENA offered a full refund and free shipping if I did not want it anymore so cudos to them). Anyways here is what I did...yes it seems crude but it worked perfect.

    1. Take the case the Storm came with (the brick huge one). I used a razor blade (no its not for what you are thinking) and made a small incision about the width of a pinkie finger along the seam in the middle of the case on the inside. From there work a ball point pen or the like along till you get to the magnet (which you can see without cutting, its the size of a dime).

    2. Through a little bending and pushing you can get the magnet off the glue and take it out of the case.

    3.From there you put your Storm in your Sena case and place your magnet in the middle of the case on which ever side you prefer. Check to see that the location puts the storm to sleep when you put the magnet there and mark the area.

    4. Put a circle of crazy glue around the magnet numerous times and firmly press against the case. I colored mine with a permanent black marker, a few coats and it matched the case perfectly, and your done.

    I have been taking the case in and out of my pocket contantly and have had no problems with it moving or anything.

    Another way you could do it if you like would be to either cut a piece of the inner fabric of your old case and glue it over the magnet then glue that inside your sena case if you want it on the inside. The case will mold to the shape and youwill not even notice it is there.

    Also as a plus you can just press the little slit shut on your old case and it still works perfectly to put the phone to sleep because it has 2 magnets in it.

    Not sure if anyone would want to go through this to do it (and you can but other cases with built in magnets, but they are much much much thicker).....but it only took me 15 minutes and I managed to keep this awesome case and now have the sleep function and you can hardly tell the magnet is there. I will post pics later today.
    01-16-09 03:57 PM