1. hookbill's Avatar
    When I ordered my Storm 2 I also ordered a silicone case from the good folks at Crackberry for my new Storm. I had heard that the Storm 2 was bigger (or vice versa) then the Storm.

    I've put my Storm 1 case on the Storm 2 and it just fits fine. You may want to save yourself 10.00 plus shipping if you're thinking about this. The only drawback I see and I doubt it will be different then Storm 2 skin is it does muffle the ring a bit Unless there is a slot on the Storm 2 skin save yourself some money.
    11-07-09 07:53 AM
  2. Frawg's Avatar
    While it may fit the S2, the cutout for the microphone and speaker could be problematic since they are located in different positions on the S2. But, if you are proficient with a dremel anything is possible.

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    11-07-09 08:58 AM