1. MOBBerry's Avatar
    I am looking at a side case for my 8830... I have looked at two at crackberry. The Seido and the SPE. Both seem to have cutouts in the center of the bottom presumably to give it a push when you want to take it out. I prefer to insert my phone face in as it is in my hand correct when I take it out. I have one concern however that when inserted that way, the convenience key would be right at that opening and when you push the phone up it seems you would push right on the convenience key and activate the key. Does anyone have this case or know if that is an issue? I guess it would depend on how tight the cases are and how much effort it takes to push it up out of the case. Also any recommendations on which case might be better quality/fit/design. I am hoping to take advantage of the 10% discount (available until Wed night) so I would appreciate any quick replies. Thanks!
    02-26-08 08:46 PM
  2. user0011's Avatar
    If that does happen to be the case and it's really annoying, you can always disable the convenience key. I'm aware it's kind of a kludge around it, but might be worth a shot. And you can always return the sucker.
    02-26-08 08:49 PM