1. snowsquirrel's Avatar
    Has anyone tried this headset? I know it is just out. But I have gone around in circles on the Plantronics 975, Jawbone ERA, Blueant Q2, and this one.

    The Q2 is is available for like $50, which makes is a lot cheaper than the others, and is likely the route I'll go. The no-volume button of the ERA scares me. I have had two Blueants before, and while they were good, they were clunky to use. I have had an Icon and liked it. The 975 is pretty flashy. The old VMX 100 had decent reviews, and I really like the look of the VMX 200. It is about $150, but I'll eat the $100, as $50 isn't cheap if I hate it.

    03-01-12 03:59 PM
  2. Kerri Neill's Avatar
    It seems to have gotten good reviews from those that have tried it. Does it have a return policy? If so, give it a whirl and let your fellow CB readers know what you think. If you hate it, return it
    04-05-12 12:12 PM
  3. snowsquirrel's Avatar
    Unfortunately there weren't any reviews and I was in a pinch. I actually found a steal of a deal. Telus had JawBone Era's for $140, which is quite expensive. but they had the silver and white ones, and the copper coloured ones on for $75 because those colors were not selling well.

    So for $75 I took the white and silver. I am pretty happy with it, and nothing close to $75 touches it for quality, except maybe the Q2 which can be found cheap. I had bad experience with my other BlueAnts; one died, one broke, and the controls sucked, so I wasn't willing to test a Q2.

    I see Best Buy has the new Sound ID for $99 now, which I may have bought if it had been on sale when I was looking.
    04-05-12 01:05 PM
  4. Kerri Neill's Avatar
    I love my Jawbone Era and I doubt you'll be disappointed
    04-05-12 01:20 PM