1. bourget117's Avatar
    Hi is anyone using the Sena skin with or without the flap for their Storm? Im trying to decide if its worth it. I have read several reviews that it makes it very difficult to type and that the leather stretches out around the screen within a few weeks of use. Also does the leather covering the rear speaker mute the sound? Anyones reviews or opinions would be appreciated as well as any pics that are different from Sena's website. If the reviews are all bad, I may just go with a Vaja Balance case along with a holster.
    02-22-09 06:30 AM
  2. xand83's Avatar
    I got the leatherskin in croc-brown (w/ no flap) a few weeks back. I liked the look of it, but typing around the edge of the screen was impossible and the mic hole was always partially covered. I never noticed an issue with the back speaker, but it was covered up. When I switched to the Seidio Innocase II it was a BIG difference. That Sena case just made the phone too difficult to use. Good luck!
    02-22-09 08:00 AM