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    I'm a newer Curve (8330) owner and I'm having an issue finding a case/holster that will work well for me.

    I really love the Seido Innocase hybrid coupled with the Innocase holster, but it doesn't protect the screen.

    Is there anything out there similar (IE, "hard case" for the curve + matching holster)? Additionally, I really need it to support the sleep function, mainly for the fact that I work in an environment that having holstered / non-holstered profiles is a huge plus.

    01-18-09 05:18 PM
  2. Tanker811's Avatar
    LordAthens... I a huge fan of the Seido products. I have only had my curve for about a week (1st Blackberry) but I have used their holsters for several years. If their case doesn't have a screen protector I'm just going to use the screen protectors that i have been using all along. The kind that you cut to fit. If I can find the ones that is a custom fit I'll go that way.

    Anyway good luck in your hunt & enjoy that Curve!!
    01-18-09 07:24 PM
  3. LordAthens's Avatar
    I never thought about using a stick on type protector. I might give that a shot as a second option.

    I think I'm going to order an otterbox case for it. It's a little larger than I think I want, though I've never seen one in person. Otherwise it fully covers the phone, let's it holster face in and still allows the sleep function. The larger size nay even help me with one handed use.

    Thanks again

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    01-19-09 10:56 AM