1. ClintRo's Avatar
    Guess what is available??

    Who is going to pick one of these up for the 9700?

    Desktop Charging Cradle
    12-28-09 02:29 PM
  2. noaim's Avatar
    hmm interesting I may have to get one
    12-28-09 02:31 PM
  3. shlee's Avatar
    hmmmm. Gotta say though, Im not that interested. I actually like the OEM BB Cradle for the 9700
    12-28-09 02:32 PM
  4. jcp007's Avatar
    OEM pod cannot be used with hard case. Whenever the next berry is released, hopefully RIM would consider being able to use a hard case while still retaining the use of the pod without a case.
    12-28-09 02:37 PM
  5. Zach7's Avatar
    Looks like it would be super useful if you are using the seidio case on your 9700 as it has some adapters for with or without the seidio case!
    12-28-09 02:42 PM
  6. ClintRo's Avatar
    I like the ability to use it with our without a case on it. I have an use one of the OEM chargers but hate having to remove the case to use it.
    12-28-09 02:47 PM