12-13-11 04:57 PM
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  1. Five's Avatar
    Make it fit without a bulging back door, and no bulging price either )
    11-24-08 05:40 PM
  2. Yesterdays Shoveler's Avatar
    Please and thank you.
    11-24-08 05:49 PM
  3. dirtyjersey's Avatar
    i never needed one for my pearl... that battery would go nearly 3 days.

    My storm = 10 hours at best. It might as well be an iphone its so bad. ::gasp::.

    So yes, sign me up, sell me a battery... Today please. Lets get this show on the road Sedio.
    11-24-08 05:51 PM
  4. EyesSkyward's Avatar
    Yes Yes- I'll take two as soon as they're ready
    11-24-08 05:52 PM
  5. Blacryan's Avatar
    I'll take one, sooner the better.
    11-24-08 05:56 PM
  6. mkertzman's Avatar
    I want one - I've owned a Seidio slim extended battery for every Smartphone I've owned!
    11-24-08 05:58 PM
  7. UKJay43's Avatar
    Yes...and Yes~
    11-24-08 06:00 PM
  8. leftyboy2000's Avatar
    I would definitely be interested...my storm's battery stinks!
    11-24-08 06:02 PM
  9. 4424's Avatar
    that would be great! esp if it fit in the original space!
    11-24-08 06:06 PM
  10. moosc's Avatar
    dang waz hoping already 4sale add me to the list what are we looking 2400mh!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    11-24-08 06:07 PM
  11. cardin411's Avatar
    Sign me up
    11-24-08 06:09 PM
  12. Hawkeye1's Avatar
    Count me in! I need one! I'm not happy with the stock one that comes on the Storm. It does not last long enough.
    11-24-08 06:10 PM
  13. rlvq35de's Avatar
    please do YES

    This phone needs one soo bad.
    11-24-08 06:10 PM
  14. rlvq35de's Avatar
    ill pre pay!
    11-24-08 06:11 PM
  15. Magnum44's Avatar
    I would like the extended battery.

    BUT what I really need ASAP is one of those great plastic holsters you make for phones... the one with the padded inside lining to protect the screen and the great clip that keeps you phone from falling out!

    I had one for my Treo and my Samsung i760 - and I swear by the clip holsters you guys make!
    11-24-08 06:14 PM
  16. tschu8482's Avatar
    ill pre pay!
    me too. pre-order! pre-order!
    11-24-08 06:15 PM
  17. rfabro's Avatar
    Me too......
    11-24-08 06:16 PM
  18. Heathyr's Avatar
    Count me in!
    11-24-08 06:25 PM
  19. krispaintballz's Avatar
    +1! Need one too.
    11-24-08 06:30 PM
  20. briankeith513's Avatar
    Count me in,,,,,depending on price.
    11-24-08 06:33 PM
  21. rearden's Avatar
    I'm interested
    11-24-08 06:36 PM
  22. bigphill911's Avatar
    I want want and a ruberized case and a dock that fits with the case on hurry hurry hurry
    11-24-08 06:36 PM
  23. rolaur's Avatar
    Is it going to be the same demensions? If not, I don't need my storm any fatter!
    11-24-08 06:37 PM
  24. Steve_OS#CB's Avatar
    In. No doubt.
    11-24-08 06:38 PM
  25. charlos93's Avatar
    Count me in!
    11-24-08 06:38 PM
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