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    I have been using Seidio products ever since I have been converted from regular mobile phones to smartphone/PDA devices...and have always been very satisfied with the quality and integrity of their products, and their promptness to re-tool and correct a product that performs in a less than satisfactory manner. I have found their customer service is courteous and helpful...and they have always been a pleasure to deal with.

    Having switched from the Palm Treo 680 that had been my smartphone of choice to the BlackBerry camp (in the form of the new 8300 Curve) recently...I had been waiting with expectation for Seidio to introduce products that I had been using on my Treo with great success...like the slim rubberized hard case, the holster for the skinned/cased phone, and the rubberized holster for the "naked" or unskinned/uncased phone. I was pleased to recieve from them, their first product for the Curve: the rubberized holster for the un-skinned 8300.

    After using this holster for pretty much two full days, and abusing it getting in and out of cars/trucks (I am in the automobile business) all day for both days...I can, with authority say that it is the best holster that I have ever used with a mobile device, even better than the one I previously used with the Treo 680.

    The spring-clip is wider than Seidio's previous products, proving they have learned from some of their past problems in securely holding a device in place, while making it easy to access...not an easy combination to master. The spring tension is stiffer than others, but it is still easy enough to depress the clip and release the device from the holster easily and effectively with a thumb or finger. I personally prefer to wear the holster so that the device is horizontal on my belt, running parallel to my belt. This allows me to "thumb the clip" and release the Curve into my hand naturally.

    The belt-clip is much more secure than any other I have tried, and gets a good grip on and around the belt...without cutting into and ruining the looks of nice dress belts as many others out there can't claim not to do. It holds well, without moving around, while not being so unforgiving that the slightest bump or nudge sends the device fling off the belt onto the pavement or floor.

    And, finally the rubberized coating on the plastic on this holster "feels" warm and nice. There are no sharp edges to mar the looks of the 8300 Curve, and you feel confident that your BlackBerry is being cared for and in the lap of luxury. In fact, because this holster is designed to hold the 8300 Curve with the screen and keypad facing inward, there is a felt-like covering to protect your vunerable screen against scratches and scrapes as well.

    I also must add, that there is an indentation on the inside of the case to allow the trackball to not rub against anything, and Seidio has smartly placed a magnet underneath the inside felt material that puts the 8300 in "sleep" mode when it is clipped into the holster. You can actually see the screen backlight go dark before it even is clipped all the way in. That is solid engineering from Seidio, and another reason they are number-one in smartphone accessories and are the first to introduce products for new devices almost as soon as they are released.

    All in all, I am extremely pleased with this product from Seidio...the first of many products to come soon for the BlackBerry 8300 Curve. I look forward to seeing what else they come up with...

    You can order yours today...here:


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    I have also been a long time fan of Seidio products, and have been itching for the day when they started to release accessories for the 8300.

    I received my holster today, and I must say "WOW!" The holster is very similar to the ones I have used with my 8100, 8700, and 8800... but, it has been slightly redesigned. It now has a rubberized coating on it, much like the one on their rubberized hard cases. I really like the feel of it now. They have also made the clip on the back more study, and it is a little bit wider for better support.

    The sleeper magnet works flawlessly and the holster does a great job of protecting the screen.

    Overall, I am very impressed with this holster, and I think it is the best one to date from Seidio. Keep up the good work Seidio!
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