1. redbadger's Avatar
    I just got this for my Curve. Any tips on how to easily put in and more importantly get out the Curve with one hand and deal with the spring top?
    10-30-08 02:59 PM
  2. J_Rock's Avatar
    I have this holster and the hard rubberized case too. I simplly push up with the tip of my thumb and pull the phone out with my fingers. To put the phone back in the holster I put the bottom corners of the phone in then press the top corners down to "click" the phone in. I hope this makes sense to you.
    10-30-08 04:17 PM
  3. SinisterJunkie's Avatar
    The Seidio Rubberized Hardcase and Holster work very nicely with one hand for both placing in the holster and removing. No trouble at all.

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    10-30-08 07:09 PM