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    Hi, first time poster but I have been lurking here for a while now. I have been using blackberrys for a few years now and my latest is a Sprint Curve. After reading the wonderful things about Seidio rubberized cases and clips, I placed an order. Tomorrow is going to be two weeks since I have ordered it and I have yet to receive it. The website says shipped but does not provide a tracking number. I have done online requests, called in, and just submitted an email request. I actually did talk to a person yesterday and was told she would have to call me back in an hour. I never received a call so I called back today and spoke with the answering machine. One thing that did happen was some how the state for my billing and shipping addy changed from VA to AL on the final order. Most sites I have ordered from will error if you choose a state other then the one the zipcode is located in so I don't know if I just missed it or if their ordering system glitched. I am just wondering if anyone else has had a problem like this with them and if so, what was the final resolution. I really want this clip and skin. Thanks
    06-12-08 01:19 PM
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    Nope, I have had a great experience with Seidio. I'm surprised with your issues, they're normally extremely customer service oriented.
    06-12-08 03:40 PM
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    I have only ordered once from them, and had no problems. I ordered the rubberized slim case/holster combo and it was delivered on time.
    06-12-08 04:15 PM
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    I really hate being the exception. All I read is how great they are with customer support but I just don't see it. I deal with various vendors everyday. I will give them another call tomorrow. Maybe I should just place a new order because I really want this case and clip. I have yet to find another vendor that has it for sale for the 8330.
    06-12-08 07:02 PM
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    I am really starting to get a little irritated. Last Friday I was told they contacted Fed Ex to find out what happened. Give it to Monday and if they can't find the package, then they will reship. I gave them Monday and called back today...different story today. I now need to way 3 to 6 days for the claim, that she said I filed. I told her that is not what I was told on Friday and she just rushed me off the phone. I am about ready to just call the CC company and dispute the charge. I deal with vendors and their ordering systems every day. It is not my problem their ordering system screwed up my state...most ordering systems will not take a state or zipcode entry if they do not match.
    06-17-08 10:56 AM
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    I bought a seidio battery, on ebay. The shipping cost was less than seidio web site.
    06-17-08 11:20 AM
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    Good to know Ebay can come through

    I have had enough. I just placed an order for a Seidio holster from this sites store. I had all ready ordered a few items from here before and had no issues with ordering process or shipping. This is a work provided berry anyway so I really don't need to worry about protecting it to much. If/when the Seidio order arrives, I will just RMA it.
    06-17-08 02:55 PM
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    I just purchased the Seido rubberized hardcase a few days back, my order also says "shipped" but doesnt give me a tracking number. I hope this same issue isnt about to happen to me....
    06-19-08 05:06 PM
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    Most of the time when that happens that means the shipper just has the billing info and hasn't assigned a tracking number because they do not have the package. However if it has been a few days...start contacting

    My case is resolved. Tuesday I sent an email to their rma department and shipping discrepency department. Later that evening I received a bew order receipt and today I received the order. The case is very nice and the clip is good as well. I am glad this is finally resolved and I also look forward to receiving the naked clip from the crackberry store to save on some of the thickness of the case and clip.

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    06-19-08 06:04 PM
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    Ordered a few times from Seido and have always had excellent service from them.
    06-19-08 10:09 PM
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    I ordered from Seido when I got a case for my iPhone. I'm going to be getting a new case for my Blackberry that I should be receiving next week. The Seido cases are great - protected my iPhone, for darn sure. I will be getting a maroon one, like I did with the iPhone case. Didn't take but a few days to receive the case in the mail, by the way.
    06-21-08 04:15 PM
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    Its interesting to see that seidio hasn't responded to this thread yet. They usually monitor forums and respond quickly
    06-23-08 07:11 AM
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    I ordered my Seidio case from the CB store and had no issues. It was here in less than a week.
    08-30-08 10:47 PM
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    Why must you bump every thread about the seidio case that hasn't had a reply in months?

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    09-01-08 12:08 AM
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    Why must you bump every thread about the seidio case that hasn't had a reply in months?

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    Maybe she didnt think anyone would notice or maybe she's the person who David spoke with that gave him the brushoff?!
    09-01-08 12:14 AM