1. rfabro's Avatar
    Or at least I just got the e-mail for it. The 1600 will fit in stock door. They have a 2600 coming soon that comes with a rubberized door. That's the one I would rather have, of course, but I really like my silicone skin. You think they'll make a compatible case?
    12-23-08 12:39 PM
  2. lastelement0's Avatar
    i would think they would make another case. just makes sense. plus with my old phone, i760, they had a cases for both the regular and the extended battery. sedio is good with stuff like that.
    12-23-08 12:49 PM
  3. Detective M Downs's Avatar
    12-23-08 01:23 PM
  4. asylvia's Avatar
    i have found that with the new OS .83 i don't even need this battery.
    12-23-08 01:30 PM
  5. marckatz's Avatar
    Wonder if the 2600mAh battery and extended cover be able to fit in the cradle already out??
    12-23-08 01:43 PM
  6. kurrupt_1's Avatar
    i have found that with the new OS .83 i don't even need this battery.
    Ditto...my battery is just fine after 100+ mails w/replies, youtube watching, net surfing ect...
    12-23-08 01:49 PM
  7. xnight's Avatar
    The only extended battery cover i was pleased with was the motorola q one... im not buying an extended battery with a 2 cent back cover... they better make a great effort to make the cover sturdy for me to even consider buying one.
    12-23-08 01:55 PM
  8. jtown's Avatar
    I wonder if this battery will help with the clicking problem many people experience because I got a Seido extended battery for my old pearl and it was *slightly* thicker making the battery door less wiggley.
    12-23-08 02:13 PM
  9. seidioseidio's Avatar
    For those who need more power than what Seidio standard size extended battery can offer, Seidio is working on a bigger and more powerful battery for storm. It provides up to 90% more power than stock battery and it will require a new door. We hope we can release this extended battery late next week.
    12-23-08 02:52 PM