1. ghostengineer's Avatar
    Hello everyone, on Monday afternoon, I purchased online thru the Crackberry store, the Seidio Innocell 2600 extended battery for my storm and the Seidio hard case. I love this battery. I ordered it on Monday, paid extra for next day delievery and got it by 10 am on Tuesday, I drained the batter, charged it and have yet to charge it yet.Im on the phone alot and I text alot as well. The battery is bigger then the standard battery so you also get a new back for the phone. Yesterday I just upgraded my phone to the .148 OS and now with the new battery and case, I love my phone. Of course I had to spend some money to get the phone where I wanted it, but now Im hooked on the Storm. I highly receommend this battery to everyone on here.
    05-21-09 02:53 PM
  2. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    I just recently picked up the extended battery as well, and I have the same experience. I love the phone so much more when the battery lasts. I used my phone extensively, so I charge it every other day, which I am happy with!

    05-21-09 02:56 PM