1. tuffy100's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    So about 1 year ago when I got my Bold 9700 I got an extended battery to go along with it. The battery I chose was the Seidio Innocell 1750mAh simply because it didn't require a special battery door to use.

    I come to you now to say DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! After about a month, it started losing all its capacity to hold a charge. I hadn't used this battery in quite a few months so I decided to pop it in my 9780 today. Within about 1 hour of almost no use, just one app install and reboot, the battery was down to 88%. Annoying, needless to say.

    Just a friendly suggestion to not buy this, it won't last long.
    06-24-11 11:15 AM
  2. meistro's Avatar
    did you condition the battery like the instructions said to? or did you just throw it in the phone and continue along?
    07-07-11 11:31 AM
  3. Zach7's Avatar
    Did you contact Seidio after the noticed first month of poor use for a replacement? They are really good with their service! That I have found.
    07-08-11 12:08 AM
  4. eve6er69's Avatar
    Seidio is usually good with 30 to 90 day warranty's. After that your pretty much on your own.

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    07-08-11 12:17 AM