1. Zach7's Avatar

    I wanted to let you all know that I was using my Seidio Innocase Surface on my Torch this past weekend and I dropped it twice within about 5 minutes. The second drop was the worst and it landed on the top corner. The Innocase worked great! It kept my device from getting any cosmetic/physical damage and then the top bezel popped off.

    Well it was a suprise when I saw that one of the top inside tabs was broken and I thought I was going to be ordering a new one, however since it has two top tabs it is still working and protecting my phone wonderfully!

    I just wanted to put this out for those who are users of Seidio or those who are looking for great protection!

    I also use the Seidio Active Case for my Torch during the week. A little more drop protection. I will try to get some photos up later today.

    Here is my original review of the Innocase Surface. Thank you Seidio for a great product!!

    03-21-11 11:13 AM