1. bigphill911's Avatar
    Whats the difference between the Seidio Innocase and Innocase II. I was looking on their site because I plan on buying the combo deal with the holster but cant seem to see a difference between the 2?
    12-15-08 09:12 PM
  2. psi3595's Avatar
    hey - i've been looking at both cases as well. One of the cases covers the top and the ear speaker. the other doesnt cover the top or ear speaker. I personally like the one that doesnt cover the top.
    12-15-08 09:36 PM
  3. ADay8945's Avatar
    Just look at the pictures. The differences are obvious.

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    12-15-08 09:43 PM
  4. Tumaz04's Avatar
    Are you serious? Take another look....

    Seidio Innocase - The top is covered, there are two pieces (Back & Front)

    Seidio Innocase II - The top is open, there are two pieces (Top & Bottom). On this one the Storm slides into the top piece and then you slide the bottom piece on to connect the two.
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    12-15-08 09:48 PM
  5. bigphill911's Avatar
    i see the difference in the pic now. Sorry didnt really take a close look at the pictures I was just reading the descriptions. I will admit I feel like a dumb *** though but then again I'm going on 4 hours of sleep haha
    12-15-08 09:49 PM
  6. DripDrop's Avatar
    One is better photogenic, Duh!
    12-15-08 09:49 PM