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    Sorry if this has been covered before, my GoogleFu is not up to snuff tonight.

    I will be soon getting a Storm and am looking at protection options. I am not a fan of the BB skins used with the BB holsters. Seperate they are great, but together not so much.

    I like the holsters for their battery saving functionality, but I would like to have something around the phone to both protect it and differentiate it from the two other Storms in the store (I work in a Bell store.)

    Now all that is said, does anyone know if the Seidio Innocase II slips in and out of the BB holsters with ease? Or does it suffer from the same problem as the silicone cases?

    Cheers, and thanks!
    03-24-09 05:56 PM
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    Wrong subforum
    03-24-09 05:56 PM
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    Wrong subforum
    I just noticed that. I could have swore I was in the main Storm forum.

    My most sincere apologies.

    Would the mods mind moving this thread to the correct forum?
    03-24-09 05:57 PM
  4. Devlyn16's Avatar
    I can't speak about the Innocase & BB holster, but you could buy a combo of the innocase & Seidio holster.

    That is what I did and I am quite happy.
    03-25-09 11:19 AM
  5. TeH PLAYA's Avatar
    i have the innocase 2 case and holster combo. just for kicks i tried fitting my device in the bb leather pouch with the case on, and i couldn't even get 1/4 of the phone in. so it might work if you keep trying hard enough....

    i'd just get the matching holster. works great. remember you have a case on the phone which will protect it if it does drop.
    03-25-09 11:29 AM
  6. fishgallery's Avatar
    I was using the innocase I with the leather storm case and it works ok . It wil loosen up somewhat but never to the point of nice and easy. Sometimes I would find myself pulling the phone out like a friggin 45 from a holster. Not as smooth as you would like but it does work. I opted for no case and easy entry inot the holster in the end. I did like the innocase though. I did not like the innocase belt clip, I just do not like the clip thing at the top sticking out.
    Just my opinion.
    03-25-09 12:50 PM