1. Igotsoul4u's Avatar
    I picked up my Seidio Innocase II from mobilecity for $24. I really like the way the 9700 looks in the case and all outer buttons are very accessible. The case is not at all bulky at all. The case snaps together in the back but mine doesn't seem to have a strong latch. I can easily pull the case apart without pressing or touching the clip release. This concerns me but so far it has stayed together. I imagine a drop would pop the case apart which kind of bothers me but the case wil still absorb the shock from a fall even if it pops off.

    My main complaint, and its a big one, is the surface of the case being hard to grip. Its too damn slippery. I can't get any traction with my skin so I end up gripping the phone tighter as to not let it slip out of my hand. I am hoping the rubber will break in. I really miss the feel of the phone out of case, especially the leathery back.

    Overall the case is good looking, lightweight, and a nice fit, but the slick rubber outside is card to hold to. If the slipping doesn't get better I may check out other options.
    12-09-09 02:10 AM
  2. trickyazn's Avatar
    Dont forget to buy the dock for it
    12-09-09 02:15 AM
  3. zacht's Avatar
    I'd be interested to know if the "slippery feel" ever goes away, because I need a new case. Right now I just keep my phone in a leather pocket slip that I got from BlackBerry 9700 Cases. I really want a slim case that will protect my phone if it's in my hands if it were to fall. I looked at the Otterbox Commuter that they have out, but this case seems to be a little thinner which is what I want. I don't want a case that will be slipping out of my hands all the time though, but I might just purchase the Seidio to test it for myself.
    12-09-09 03:52 PM