1. jshiloh's Avatar
    Hey all. I was wondering if anyone out there uses a Seidio extended battery with protective skin (one of those rubbery ones that just slip on). Or if anyone knows of a protective case (Otterbox perhaps?) that works with the battery. I'm wanting to get the battery but I want to know about how I will be able to keep my phone from getting demolished lol. Share your thoughts


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    05-16-09 02:54 PM
  2. danzw's Avatar
    I use a fortte flipcase with an extended battery for my 8900. It's a no-name battery, but I think it's about the same size as a Seidio. Phone goes in the case nicely except that the left side convenience key gets pushed a little too far foward to be useable. Not a big price to pay if you need the extra power.
    05-16-09 03:25 PM