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    When I first bought my Curve I want to use a desktop charger so I would not use the USB port too much and lessen the chance of damaging it. The only one I saw here on Crackberry was the RIM chargers, which are great and all, but I have a Seidio Innocases and I would have to pull the case off to charge. That was not a good option either of removing the case daily to charge it. While I was looking on the Sedio websire I found this Desktop Charging Cradle that uses the Curve's charging contacts. The big bouns was that it also would work while using the Seidio Innocases. Also it comes with a Mini USB cable and USB Travel Charger. This means it can be charged from a USB port on your PC or a Travel Charger. Just so everyone knows, you cannot link this to PC via the Desktop Charging Cradle. If you want to link it to your PC I would just use the Bluetooth to attach. That way you will save on using the USB port.

    SCORE! I ordered one. I have to say the charger sits very stable and the Curve easly goes in and comes out of the cradle. I bought this so I can have it at work and sit on my desk. That way it can charge at work and be right at hand and I have no cable to fight with. I hate having to deal with cables when I need to use the Curve.

    The finish on the charger matches the Innocases. They only come in black, which is great for me because my Innocases is black as well. So it has a nice uniform look to it. Now it is not a sleek as the RIM Desktop Charging Cradle, but it works very well.

    I am very happy with this product. I would suggest it to anyone that has an Innocases. You will love it.
    07-25-08 12:55 PM